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This Week in Global Health

Friday, February 10, 2012

A weekly round- up of selected health news from around the world. Posted each Friday.

A campaigner dressed to drive home a point. (AFP)
A leading US health official has warned that a campaign started by a children's hospital to fight childhood obesity poses health risks. (BBC)

China faces potential health crisis as three in 10 Chinese adults smoke, roughly 320 million adults, making it more than the entire population of the United States.

The New York Times showcases ‘Saving Lives or Photographing Them?

The Huffington Post reports a study that links over-consumption of soda to increased risk of developing asthma in addition to obesity and heart disease.

After recent series of stories in the New York Times questioning NYC's strategy to combat obesity, WLF’s Sandra Mullin & Nandita Murukutla wrote “Hard Hitting Messages That Work: NYC's Public Health Education Campaign” (Huffington Post)

Firms in developing countries can, for the first time, be granted contracts from the US agency for international development (The Guardian)

About 1 in 5 kids in middle school or high school is exposed to secondhand smoke in cars. (NPR) 

New evidence suggests that smoking isn't only bad for the body but can also take a toll on the mind. (ABC News)

Mike Bloomberg thinks that it's perfectly OK to scare you into behaving -- at least when it comes to what you eat. (The Village Voice)

Did malaria kill 655,000 people last year or nearly twice that many — 1.2 million? (The New York Times)

Charitable giving rebounded significantly in 2011. (Forbes)

Television ads that graphically communicate the serious harms of tobacco use are likely to be effective with smokers in low- to middle-income countries. 

The Welsh government says it will consider bringing in a ban if smoking rates do not start to fall. (BBC)

Tobacco use is fuelling a cancer epidemic in India
, making cancers of oral cavity (mouth) and lung the top two cancers in men.

The highest-ever levels of multi-drug-resistant TB revealed. (The Guardian)

New studies show that breastfeeding strengthens babies' lungs and could reduce risk of developing asthma later in life.

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