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Smoke-Free Signage: Best Practices

Effective signage is one of the keys successful implementation of any smoke-free effort.

Smoke-free signage:

Smoke-free signage:

Smoke-free signage:
U.S., New York

  • Signage should be simple, clear and easy to see at some distance
  • Signage should incorporate the international no-smoking symbol
  • Signage should indicate that smoke-free has the force of law, where applicable
  • Designs, language and sizes should be standardized to suit a number of purposes

  • Larger signs should be prominently placed by the entrance to any smoke-free building
    • Example: India requires signage of at least 60cm x 30 cm
    • Example: England requires signs of at least A5 size: 210mmx148mm

  • Smaller signs may be used in interiors, especially places such as stairwells, lobbies, laundry rooms or public congregation areas


  • Clear guidelines on how and where to use signage should be available to building managers, business and restaurant owners
  • Many smoke-free campaigns have found success by providing guidelines and high resolution signage available for download on a website, so that those responsible for signage can access and print their own signage to comply with smoke free legislation.

Examples of guidelines, signage, and online resources

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