Framework Convention Alliance: The Voice of Civil Society

Through the Framework Convention Alliance (FCA), more than 350 non-government organizations provide leadership, technical expertise, and logistical support for the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, the world’s first public health treaty. In force since 2005, the treaty currently has 176 WHO member states as parties.

Strengthening the treaty
Almost 200 FCA representatives convened in Seoul in November to lend their voices to continuing negotiations over treaty guidelines. Their influence was reflected in key decisions and discussions about regulating the content of tobacco products, reducing demand, increasing tobacco taxation, and providing economic alternatives to tobacco-growing.

More than words
FCA monitors compliance with the treaty, reporting on parties that are meeting their treaty obligations and those that are not. Its 2010 global report focused specifically on tobacco advertising and promotion.

Illicit tobacco trade
With its tobacco “death clock” ticking, FCA underscored the consequences of tobacco smuggling at international talks in Geneva, Switzerland. As negotiators debated language of a new illicit trade protocol, FCA distributed policy papers, briefings and daily bulletins to inform the event. Today the ITP is law.

Building capacity
Workshops in Argentina, Colombia, El Salvador, Jordan, Lebanon and Mexico drew participants from dozens of neighboring countries. The trainings, which were tailored to the contexts of specific countries and regions, raised awareness about evidence-based tobacco control practices and reached journalists, lawyers, government decision makers, policymakers, and NGO representatives.