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Press Releases

April 22, 2015 
Earth and Air Pollution, Deforestation, and 1.69 Billion Pounds of Toxic Rubbish From 4.5 Trillion Cigarette Butts are Tobacco's Deadly Toll on the Environment
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April 4, 2015 
Online Death Clock Highlights Need for Large Graphic Warnings on Tobacco Products in India
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April 2, 2015 
Sunita Tomar's Story Shows Why India Needs Large Graphic Warnings 
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March 24, 2015
A Delay in Pakistan’s Implementation of Large Graphic Health Warnings on Tobacco Products Will Cost Lives
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March 24, 2015 
Comprehensive Tobacco Control Would Increase Likelihood of Countries Meeting Targets on TB Reduction
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March 19, 2015
The Tobacco Atlas Finds Industry Tactics Are Creating a Future of Missed Opportunity to Improve Global Health, Wealth, and Equality
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