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Annual Reports

2013 Annual Report

Stories grab our attention, help us make meaning from data, and bring to life the consequences of social policy. World Lung Foundation emphasizes storytelling in its work. Our communication strategies are designed, first, to make people aware of a problem, and then to move them to action. We use stories to educate and to advocate for sound policy at the highest levels of government, and we promote behavior change with hard-hitting documentary-style ads with powerful visuals.

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2012 Annual Report

The adage about making new friends while keeping the old nicely characterizes WLF activities in 2012. We continued our tobacco control work in partnership with governments, assisting them to run evidence-based mass media campaigns to support cost-effective policymaking and promote behavior change. At the same time, we expanded our programs in novel ways—branching into new public health issues, building new and deeper connections in Africa, and developing additional resources to guide our work.

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2012 Tanzania Annual Report

During the year 2012 in World Lung Foundation-supported health facilities 23,106 deliveries were attended and among them 2,491 cesarean sections and 211 vacuum extractions. Comparing the two years 2011 and 2012 there has been a tangible increase in deliveries attended. Maternal mortality ratios decreased significantly in WLF-supported health facilities.

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2011 Activity Report

As we close out our 8th year, WLF continues to take aim at the global epidemic of lung disease, which kills 10 million people annually and strikes hardest at the developing world. Funding from the Bloomberg Initiative, which celebrated its 5th anniversary this year, allows us to support the global tobacco control work of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, the World Health Organization, the Framework Convention Alliance and the CDC Foundation. Bloomberg Philanthropies has also supported our launch of 74 mass media public education campaigns in over 20 countries.

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2010 Annual Report

Seven years into its mission of combatting lung disease worldwide, World Lung Foundation is expanding its proven successes while sustaining its progress. In 2010, tobacco control remained at the core of our work, but we also highlighted the international toll of acute respiratory infections, targeted infant and maternal mortality in Tanzania, and raised funds to fight asthma in Kenya.

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2009 Annual Report

After years of rapid expansion, WLF focused in 2009 on harnessing its growth. A strong infrastructure and committed staff are in place, giving our lung programs a broader reach as we build on our track record of successful initiatives. Our US$48 million budget, almost double the US$26 million available in 2007, goes almost entirely to program services.

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2008 Annual Report

This past year was one of exceptional growth and achievement for WLF. We increased our financial commitment to global lung health by 66 percent, from $25 million in 2007 to $38 million in 2008.

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2007 Annual Report

World Lung Foundation was established to help lead the fight against the global epidemic of lung disease, which kills 10 million people each year. The Foundation's vision is a world in which every country has local expertise and infrastructure to deliver the highest quality public health services. We believe that research, education, advocacy, and cooperation among organizations working to improve lung health can – and will – reduce these unnecessary deaths.

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