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Introduction to Media Communications Workshop

Asia Pacific Conference on Tobacco or Health

World Cardiology Congress 2010

Symposium: Mass Media in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Evidence from World Lung Foundation Campaigns

Mass Media Training Workshop: Russia

September 21-22, 2009

WLF presented a tobacco control mass media training in Moscow that was attended by regional governments officials and represenatives from other counties in the region, including Ukraine, Poland, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan interested in learning more about best practices for mass media campaigns. The training covered campaign planning, ad adaptation, media planning, research and evaluation, and earned media.

Download the training materials in English or in Russian.

Mass Media Training Workshop: China

September 14-15, 2009

A two day tobacco control mass media planning workshop was held in Beijing. A global perspective of tobacco control, tobacco control in China, and mass media's role in tobacco control were presented. The training also covered 360 mass media process, case study analysis, etc.

World Lung Foundation Brings Mass Media Trainings to Egypt

June 28-29, 2009

ON TV featured WLF's mass media training workshop in Egypt.

On June 28 and 29, WLF conducted a mass media training in Cairo, Egypt. Participants from Egypt, Lebanon, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia learned from in-country and international experts about successful tobacco control campaigns. 

World Lung Foundation Brings Mass Media Trainings to Vietnam

June 16-18, 2009

In Hanoi, Vietnam, WLF conducted a "Tobacco Control Mass Media Planning Workshop," which culminated with the development of a national tobacco control media plan. Attendees included 25 tobacco control advocates from local and international governmental and non-governmental organizations.

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