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China Health Communications Campaigns

One-third of all smokers in the world live in China.
That’s 301 million people.

China is one of the highest-burden countries when it comes to tobacco use and its associated health harms. 53% of Chinese men smoke, and 7 out of 10 non-smokers are exposed to secondhand smoke in a typical week.

At the same time, fewer than 1 in 4 adults are aware of the health risks associated with smoking and secondhand smoke exposure.

Since 2007, WLF has been working with both national and subnational government partners in China to change the outlook of this epidemic, by providing technical assistance, materials, and financial support. Our work has helped to advocate for and enforce stronger tobacco control laws in more than 43 cities across the country, and has been seen by more than 300 million Chinese citizens.

Here are a just few of the campaigns we have supported in China:

Cessation Campaigns

"Bubblewrap "

View campaign
"Cigarettes are Eating You Alive"

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"Giving Cigarettes is Giving Harm"

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Smoke-free Campaigns

"Cigarettes Are Eating Your
Baby Alive"

View campaign

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"Invisible Killer"

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"Smoke-free Beijing: Office"

"Second Hand Smoke"

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