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This Week in Global Health

Friday, August 26, 2011

A weekly round- up of selected health news from around the world. Posted each Friday.

WLF’s Jorge Alday is quoted in British Medical Journal’s troubling article, Will Industry Influence Derail UN Summit, as negotiations leading up to September’s UN Summit on Non- Communicable Diseases stall.

Characters from the film "Men in Black 2" are shown smoking in this scene. (The Kobol Collection)

Does smoking have a place in children’s movies, or should it be strictly relegated to adult movies? ABC News reports on the debate.

Simon Chapman also weighs in on the issue of smoking in movies in Tobacco Control.

In a groundbreaking measure, the lower house of the Australian Parliament approves plain packaging for cigarettes, reports Bloomberg.

A study conducted by the University of California, San Francisco, finds a strong link between prenatal smoking and persistent asthma in childhood.

The Washington Times reports that US tobacco crops have dwindled over the last decade as demand for cigarettes drops.

The US lags significantly behind all other industrialized nations in time allotted to maternity leave, according to the Washington Times.

Global health funding is suffering from the worldwide economic crisis, reports Radio Australia.

A common antibiotic, taken for a full year, shows promise in reducing COPD flare-ups.

A joint WHO-European Union project targets infant and maternal mortality in Kazakhstan, where maternal mortality rates are several times higher than anywhere else in the European Union.

Hanna Ingber Win/GlobalPost

Salon and the Global Post examine the controversial role of family planning in US global health policy in Nepal.

The Washington Post weighs in on the worsening global obesity crisis, as analyzed in a four-part series first posted by the Lancet.

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