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This Week in Global Health

Friday, April 20, 2012

A weekly round- up of selected health news from around the world. Posted each Friday.

Annabel Clark, right, with her cancer-stricken mother Lynn Redgrave in March 2003. In her book, Clark writes, "After shaving my mother's head and feeling that our roles had been reversed, I realized that my project was not just a documentation of my mother's illness, but of how we were navigating it together. It seemed important to insert myself into the narrative."
A new study shows that menthol cigarette smokers may have twice the risk of stroke as smokers of conventional cigarettes. (Voice of America)

Big Tobacco fights tooth and nail against the potential spread of plain packaging across the globe. (Reuters)

An Australian judge questions tobacco companies’ challenge to plain packaging in that country. (Bloomberg Businessweek)

The director of the United Nations Population fund pleads, “Don’t forget the girls.” (Huffington Post)

NPR compiles a lovely slideshow depicting the life of caregivers.

A new study shows that half of young cigarette smokers also habitually use marijuana. (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

Ontario’s lawmakers blast tobacco companies for finding loopholes in the ban on flavored cigarettes. (The Globe and Mail)

AllAfrica reports that smokers are twice as likely to develop cataracts early in life.

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg says that there is no plan in the works to ban smoking in the city’s residential building. (The Wall Street Journal)

Without health care reform in the United States, young adults are “out of luck”, reports CNN.

The World Bank approves a $3.6 million grant aimed at improving maternal health in the Philippines. (BusinessWeek)

A new study shows that maternal depression may affect infants’ sleeping habits. (Times of India)

Staying active may fend off the symptoms of Alzheimer’s—even in seniors over 80 years old. (NPR)

A new study asks if so-called ‘food deserts’ really affect obesity rates. (The Washington Post)

NYC Mayor Bloomberg also calls smoking’s effect on one’s health akin to “jumping off a building”. (Gothamist)

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