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Turkey Health Communications Campaigns

From the nargile-smoking (water-pipe) sultans of the Ottoman empire, to the present day 34% of Turks who smoke, Turkey has long been identified with smoking and tobacco use.

However, in the last three years Turkey has made great strides to reduce tobacco use, enacting one of the world's best and most-comprehensive tobacco control legislations in January 2008. This legislation includes 100% smoke-free, graphic pack warnings and other MPOWER interventions and was coupled with significant tax increases. Turkey is working hard to make the saying "Smoke like a Turk" a thing of the past.

WLF has worked over the last two years to support Turkey's Ministry of Health and Turkish NGO's with mass media campaigns to support the implementation of smoke free. Interestingly, Turkey's landmark legislation included 30 minutes of free prime-time air time on all television and radio channels for tobacco control. Comprehensive smoke-free was implemented in two stages: first in 2008 to the majority of public and work places, and then in 2009 to hospitality venues such as restaurants, cafes, and tea houses.

Currently, WLF is working with the Ministry of Health to air cessation campaigns.

Smoke Free, First stage, 2008

Smoke Free, Second stage 2009


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